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The CareGivers Encyclopedia is an animated, interactive (and entertaining) medical reference. The Encyclopedia is fun, colorful and vibrant. In fact, you can learn all you need to know without reading a word! Just watch the movies. Take a fun quiz or two. Enjoy learning.


“Together” has always been an important word for Century Tree. Managing chronic diseases is all about patients, family members and home health aides coming together to share comfort, support and healing. Now, in the time of coronavirus, we all need those things. We’ve started with more than 40 videos. We’re hoping you’ll take a look, and then take the next step, by helping us build The Separate Together Community.


Help Your Doctor Decide The Next Step… Fast
• Fill Out The Summary (2 Minutes)
• Email Your Results To Your Doctor or Clinic
• Your Doctor Will Review Your Results
THE COVID19 SYMPTOM TOOL is a web-based ”triage tool” to help patients organize their essential Covid19 information, in order to save their doctors valuable time:
• The patient visits a simple website, and answers a chat detailing their: 1) age; 2) Pre-existing conditions, and; 3) current symptoms.
•  Patient emails a summary of their answers to their doctor or clinic
• The summary is organized so the doctor’s staff can review it in just 10-20 seconds — before contacting patient to discuss treatment recommendations.

About Century Tree & TheCareGivingLife

Century Tree Health Education was created with a mission:
• To help the 21 million home-bound Americans living with terminal chronic diseases suffer less, and live longer.
Century Tree offers educational videos, interactive learning tools, and plenty of plain old entertainment to make the load of these diseases a little lighter. Now, with all Americans home-bound by the pandemic, Century Tree has turned its attention to Coronavirus. Join us.
Century Tree tells stories of hope, compassion, love and empowerment. Take a look at our featured movies, from a family drama (Acts of Grace) to a beautiful animated short about a Filipino home health aide (Bahala Na) to our health education videos—one of them stars a pug terrier! Then, if you want to see more movies, click on ‘Separate Together’ above!
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