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Sarah Johnson - Dallas, Texas:

I remember seeing this on my television as a kid. My mom didn't want me to watch it. I would sneak into the den late at night and turn the sound down real low. We had a black and white Zenith and I had to jiggle the knob to get it to turn the channel. To this day I still don't know what this show was about.

Bill Vernon: Hagerstown Maryland:

Louise Lasser, a true American comedic treasure, was absolutely amazing as the ultimate housewife-on-the-edge. Her deadpan line deliveries and pre-nervous-breakdown demeanor still make me laugh out loud!
The men in this soap opera parody are definitely relegated to the second tier, commanding much less screen time (and much less empathy) than the female characters, as it should be, considering this show was one of the vanguards of the women's movement.

Joanie Solinska: Syracuse, NY

Watched it all the time as a kid. Not sure why I loved it. It's sort of sickening in a fascinating way and got me totally hooked. Mary is totally compelling. It's like she's the only sane person in a circus of crazies!

Kindness & Knowledge

as we get older
“Kindness and Knowledge” offers inspiration and information for managing chronic diseases: Coronavirus, unfortunately, doesn’t heal the other things that ail us. Many Boomers are still living with chronic diseases like hypertension, heart failure and diabetes.

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Hey Boomer! You’re a member of the biggest generation in US history (and if you were born a little too early or late, consider yourself an Honorary Boomer!) We built the most thriving American economy ever. We were Rock and Roll. We worked hard and struggled for our families. So millennials— think about that for a change!

Strong. Together. And Smart.
During Coronavirus.


Coronavirus has changed everything: Especially if you’re over 50, it can be dangerous. “Strong. Together. And Smart.” offers Covid 19 information, tools to help you work with our overwhelmed medical system, and lots of love and encouragement.

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If you’re a Boomer, or you love one, The Big Generation is a place for you. Find friends. Watch videos and listen to music that reflects the way you live now, and the years when you came of age. And get information and guidance about taking care of your health after 50.

Mike the Nurse

Mike the Nurse - e01


First, full transparency here on The Big Generation about coronavirus — We don’t have a lot to add. Sorry -- If you’re interested, there seems to be information everyplace: what you can do about coronavirus, what the government is doing, how the market is responding, what’s coming next, how your life is going to change, how you should change your life…. OK. I’ll stop. Heck, nurse or not, I bet half the people reading this know more than I do about coronavirus by now.

Sure, I’ll be talking from time to time about Covid 19 — In fact, my first two or three “Nursa-logues” will probably be about coronavirus. It’s the elephant in all of our living rooms.

Managing chronic illness day-to-day

But after that, I’m going to start talking about other health issues—like high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, heart failure, and diabetes. These are the problems a lot of us in The Big Generation had before coronavirus — And we’re going to keep having them.

We can’t ignore them just because of Covid 19! They will get worse if you ignore them. They could kill you. Even worse—they could send you to the hospital! You want to go to the hospital right now?!
I know it’s hard to take your medications every day if you’re feeling depressed, or you can’t get a hold of your doctor to renew your prescriptions because he’s not having regular office hours, or money for copays is tight. But you gotta.

The Big Generation is here to help you find a way. Please. Work together with us.

Mike Bael, RN

Be Sure to check back  for more videos by 
Big Boomer Nurse Mike!