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Century Tree Health Education
Thankfully, we have a veritable army of 1,000,000 home health workers and 52,000,000 family caregivers who devote themselves to caring for and nurturing these patients, easing their suffering. Century Tree offers instructional videos and interactive virtual content to help those paraprofessional and family caregivers keep advanced chronic disease patients safe, stable and out of the hospital.
Century Tree Health Education was created to help family caregivers, home health workers and patients themselves better manage congestive heart failure, type II diabetes, COPD and Alzheimer’s dementia.

The United States is in the midst of a hidden epidemic. 133 million Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease. Of greatest concern, however, are the 21 million Americans who are disabled, homebound and unable to do simple things like bathing or dressing without help.

Two initiatives are at the core of our programming:

The Caregiver’s Encyclopedia — is an alternative web-based medical reference where family caregivers, home health workers and patients can get easy-to-understand, easy-to-remember, and even inspiring information about disease process and disease management. So far, we have comprehensive content on congestive heart failure, and interesting informational videos about COPD and Alzheimer’s dementia. All of our Century Tree informational material is vivid, memorable and accessible—In fact, you can get all of our disease management information without reading a single word!
A Community for Caregivers — Century Tree is building a ‘virtual community’ for family caregivers and home health workers. The start of it is a bunch of original short movies, produced by Century Tree. While most of them have caregiving themes, they’re all entertaining, funny and even heartrending, from soap operas to music videos to one short movie starring pug terrier! The next step will be up to people like you—building a community of caregivers that offers not just support for one another, but also two things that aren’t usually associated with caregiving—Friendship and Fun.

Turning to Coronavirus


Help Your Doctor Decide The Next Step… Fast
• Fill Out The Summary (2 Minutes)
• Email Your Results To Your Doctor or Clinic
• Your Doctor Will Review Your Results
Like all Americans, Century Tree is doing what it can in the Covid19 crisis.

We feel fortunate that our approaches to ‘medical information for everybody’ and disease management apply not just to chronic diseases—We believe they can have great value for contending with Covid19. We’re working on two programs:

FOCUSING ON ‘AFTER CORONAVIRUS' — Most Americans are obsessed with preventing the spread of coronavirus, and getting treatment for those of who are suffering from severe Covid19 complications. But increasing numbers of Americans are focusing on something else — Recovering from serious Covid19 episodes, post-ICU trauma, ventilation and permanent lung damage from ‘frosted glass lung syndrome.’ Century Tree is in production on supportive and informational videos for sufferers and their families. We’re grateful that much of what we learned in producing videos about CHF, diabetes, COPD and dementia will be directly relevant.  And thankful for the opportunity to be of some help in the next phase for these millions of American patients.
THE SYMPTOM TOOL allows patients, who are worried that they may have coronavirus, to communicate essential Covid19 information to their doctor, just by visiting a simple website, and taking 3 or 4 minutes to answer some questions about their age, medical history and current symptoms. The patient can then email a summary of their responses to their doctor — A summary that medical staff can fully review in just 10 – 20 seconds. The purpose of THE SYMPTOM TOOL is to free doctors’ offices and clinics from time-consuming first “triage” phone conversations, that often take more than 10 minutes each — just a handful of them
can consume considerable time, that would be better used in treating patients