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Covid Days


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Coronavirus has become the center of our lives. Who could have imagined that American life would become what it has. We’re either living huddled in our homes almost 24/7, going out to work every day in fear, or we’re sick. Whether or not The Big Generation is a coronavirus website, we have to address its effects on us to be relevant at all.

Covid Update!


Today’s video
Several times a week, we’ll offer brief updates on what’s happening with coronavirus. That’ll include watching the state of the pandemic. Our national measures against it. And looks at how we’re doing as a country and a community.

Reach Out and Touch

Caring for others during the pandemic


Today’s video
This is perhaps our biggest invitation to our viewers. How can we create a place where people meet each other, interact and make friends. We have some thoughts. We hope you do to. Let’s keep each other updated.


The Big Generation Covid19 Triage Tool

Start the Symptom Tool

Doctors and clinics are overwhelmed. One of the hardest things for medical providers is managing those first calls, often from patients they don’t know, about seeking treatment for possible coronavirus infections. The Big Generation Triage Tool is an internet questionnaire that takes about 4 minutes to fill out: It summarizes a patients age, pre-existing conditions and potentially worrisome symptoms. Patients can send that summary to their doctors by email—the summary will take you doctor less than 19 seconds to read. The goal is to save doctors time, by replacing those first introductory calls from worried patients, that can take up more than 10 minutes each/

Coming Home to Safety

a guide to Covid19 recovery, coming home from the hospital
One of the toughest thing for patients who suffer serious bouts with coronavirus is, “What comes next after I get home from the hospital?” They may be past the initial life-threatening part, but many of these patients are still very sick with new, serious medical problem that could last for another six months, if not the rest of their lives. Coming Home to Safety is a step-by-step guide to the first week, first month, and first six months after a severe coronavirus infection.