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CHF: What It Is - 2

Oxygen in the Blood
CHF makes people feel worn out.
The heart pumps blood around the body for a reason: Blood carries all kinds of important things that are needed all over your body.

Important Things That Are in Your Blood

The most important thing in your blood is RED BLOOD CELLS.

Because red blood cells carry OXYGEN.

Oxygen is needed for everything our bodies do. We need oxygen to make:

Bad News!  What Would Happen Without Oxygen?

Without oxygen, none of that stuff would happen.
(So we need our heart to push blood, and the oxygen in it, around our body.)
CHF Quiz Question 8
Oxygen in the Blood
Of course, heart failure doesn’t make your heart pump zero blood and zero oxygen.
Your heart doesn’t stop beating.
CHF makes your heart beat weakly so it pumps less blood with each beat
…so places around your body get less oxygen than they need.
And you feel tired and run down.
CHF Quiz Question 9
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