CHF: What It Is - 5

This is the heart part of congestive heart failure,
or how the heart gets strained and damaged by high blood pressure.
Cause of
heart failure!
Cause of
heart failure!
Your blood has a lot of things in it…
But blood has TWO
main ingredients:

Your blood is almost…

50% red blood cells

50% water

Plus little bits of stuff like wbcs, platelets & calcium

So our blood vessels have about a gallon of blood in them.

1/2 gallon
red blood cells

1/2 gallon water

1 gallon

which is a perfect fit for the body's blood vessels

we have about 1 gallon of blood in our bodies

Our blood is kind of like KOOL-AID that way…
But there can be problems with Kool-Aid.
Uncle Ernie

uncle ernie's kool-aid recipe

CHF is kinda like Uncle Ernie when it comes to mixing water into our blood.

This is the amount of water that's supposed to be in our blood.

2 quarts

1/2 gallon

but when you have chf, you have this much water in your blood (too much!)

3 quarts!  too much!

If you have CHF, You have more blood in your blood vessels (Because there’s extra water in it).
normally, Your body holds one gallon of blood.

2 quarts
red blood cells

2 quarts water

1 gallon

That's what's in this guy
But extra water can be a problem.

if you try to put an extra quart of water into a container of blood…
In the same way, if you put too much blood in your blood vessels…
…It makes High Blood Pressure

And then some of that extra water can leak out of the blood vessels

Into the

Into the

Into the

Into the
other leg

Another Problem

Something else that can make high blood pressure
Narrowed, constricted blood vessels.
Normal blood vessel


Narrowed, constricted
blood vessel but with just as much blood!

or you can have both

too much blood
in the blood vessels


Narrowed, constricted
blood vessels

makes for

super high
blood pressure