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CHF Overview - What It Is: Part 5

5 - Heart Failure & High Blood Pressure

This is the “heart” part of congestive heart failure or how the heart gets strained and damaged by high blood pressure.
Cause of
heart failure!
Cause of
heart failure!

Your blood has a lot of things in it:

Platelets, White Blood Cells, Neutrophils, Eosophinols, & a whole bunch of other stuff.

But blood has TWO main ingredients:
CHF Quiz Question 15
Normally our blood vessels carry about a gallon of blood.
Our blood is kind of like KOOL-AID that way…


The Perfect Picnic Drink!

But there can be problems with Kool-Aid.

uncle ernie's kool-aid recipe

CHF is just like Uncle Ernie when it comes to mixing in water.

This is the amount of water that's supposed to be in our blood.

2 quarts

1/2 gallon

Your blood has this much water when you have CHF:

3 quarts!  too much!

That means, if you have CHF, You have more blood in your blood vessels than you used to (Because there’s extra water in it).
This one gallon plastic jug holds one gallon of Kool-Aid.
These blood vessels hold 1 gallon of blood.
But, if you try to put an extra quart …

1 quart of water

…into a 1 gallon container, whether it’s a gallon jug,
or a body’s blood vessels (that are built to hold a gallon of blood)…
But if you try to put an extra quart of water into a gallon container of Kool-Aid…
You will have problems:
And if you (or CHF) put an extra quart of water
in your blood
You will have "High Blood Pressure" in your blood vessels
(that's where you get "High Blood Pressure" or "Hypertension").

Another Problem

Something else that can make high blood pressure worse (or cause high blood pressure all by itself):
Narrowed, constricted blood vessels.
Normal blood vessel.
Narrowed, constricted blood vessels.

Here's The Problem

You've still got to fit a gallon of blood in your blood vessels.
Even though, now that those blood vessels are narrowed and constricted they don't have room for a gallon of blood!
And if you're jamming extra water in blood vessels, that are narrowed and constricted, then your high blood pressure will be even worse.

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CHF with Preserved Ejection Fraction

(ejection fraction = EF)
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