CHF: What It Is - 7

think about it this way

If you have high blood pressure, your heart gets strained with every single beat.

that's right

About 80 beats a minute
4800 beats an hour
115,000 beats a day
41 million, 975 thousand beats a year
1,259,250,000 beats over the 30 or so years it takes to develop heart failure
(that's right, over 1 billion heart-straining beats)
And that damage doesn't stop after you get heart failure.  In fact, because your heart is damaged, the damage per beat is worse.
With every beat, pushing against HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, your heart is:
• Strained
• Stretched, &
• Damaged
Yup, you used to have a SUPER-SOAKER strong heart
That's now kinda tired and weak.
If you have CHF, you might feel like this:
But not so hard that you have to give up.
Take your Medications.
Look out for Warning Signs.
Stay out of the hospital.