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CHF Overview - What It Is: Part 7

7 - The Long Haul, & What To Do About It

Unless you get heart failure from having a heart attack, heart failure occurs, and gets worse, over many years.
Your heart strains itself, trying to pump blood into blood vessels that are crammed and jammed with high blood pressure.

115,000 times a day. 365 days a year.

419 MILLION times in a decade!
(Approximately 419,750,000 beats)
Most people with heart failure have had high blood pressure for 20 to 30 years.
With every one of those heart beats, the heart gets a little more:
- Strained
- Stretched, &
- Damaged
CHF Quiz Question 26
CHF Quiz Question 27
Your heart even keeps getting strained and damaged after you have heart failure.
That heart that used to be SUPER-SOAKER powerful…
Is now old and weak.
CHF Quiz Question 28
Just like people with congestive heart failure.
But not so hard that you have to give up.
Take Medications.
Look out for warning signs.
Stay out of the hospital.

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CHF with Preserved Ejection Fraction

(ejection fraction = EF)
When people have CHF, their hearts do a lousy job of beating and pumping blood around the body.

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