CHF - What It Is: Part 9 UNPUBLISHED

interesting fact

High blood pressure also causes Congestive Heart Failure

but if your heart gets strained, with every single beat,
for 20 or 30 years

you can get heart failure

Each day, every one of those beats
Your heart gets a little more:




Until it's strained, stretched
and damaged, a lot.

And even after you have heart failure,
it can get worse and worse, over time.

So take your pressure pills &
take your water pills.

High Blood Pressure
happens because

High blood pressure comes from one of two things, or both:  Extra water in the blood, or constricted, narrowed blood vessels.

Leaky Pipes

For people with CHF, blood vessels are like leaky pipes.  Too much pressure, and the pipe leaks. Drip, drip, drip.
Interesting Fact:
The part of the blood that leaks out is usually water, NOT red blood cells.
That water leaks into places all over the body.

Jamming, Cramming & Heart Damage (AKA "Heart Failure")

On top of that, your heart is straining to pump blood into jammed up, high blood pressure blood vessels.  115,000 times a day… for decades.
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