CHF: What to do - 4

Pressure Pills

Almost everybody with Congestive Heart Failure has High Blood Pressure
That means that their blood is crammed and jammed into their blood vessels
Too tight a fit
Like a balloon with so much air in it, that it's about to pop
Or a soda can that one of your grandkids just shook up
There's pressure on the inside of those blood vessels
pressure pills
One thing that causes High Blood Pressure is when blood vessels narrow and constrict
Healthy Blood Vessel
     • Good + Wide
     • Blood Flows Easily
 Narrowed Constricted
          Blood Vessel

   • Still has just as much
     blood in it
   • but now it's jammed &
    crammed in there
almost everybody with chf has narrowed, constricted blood vessels
blood pressure pills open up those narrowed, constricted blood vessels
they are almost %100 effective
(if you take them the way your doctor told you)
here's how pressure pills work:
they push open those blood vessels
no more cram & jam
now it's e-z flow!