CHF: What to do - 5

If you have CHF


can prevent pneumonia


a terrible lung disease that can


Make you feel really tired and sick


Give you a very high temperature

difficult breathing


Fill you up with thick, gunky phlegm

PNEUMONIA can send you to the hospital!

how pneumonia starts

pneumonia usually starts as a little flu, a mild cough, or just the sniffles

"I sneezed!"

did i just cough?

I have a stuffy nose

you know, i feel a little run down

even if you feel only a little sick

call the doctor
right away!

because, with chf

you can get really sick really fast

these are the guys who cause pneumonia

pneumonia germs

and here are those pneumonia germs in your lungs

that is what antibiotics
are for!

killing pneumonia germs!

so if you feel just a little sick,
don't wait even a day to call the doc!

today's sniffles, that started with just a few pneumonia germs, can get really bad, really fast.

by tomorrow you can be really sick!
Pneumonia germs multiply really fast.  now there are millions and millions!

now they're really hard to kill

you might even have to go to the hospital for treatment

so kill 'em early

kill 'em all!

with antibiotics!