The Baby Boomers Are The Largest Generation In American History

there are 79 million baby boomers!

The Baby Boomer epidemic

When You Hear "Baby Boomer epidemic," Most People Think of the 350,000 Kids who Got Polio In The 1950s

But Today, 21,000,000 Baby Boomers Suffer From Advanced & End Stage Chronic Diseases

* Congestive Heart Failure
* Type 2 Diabetes
* Alzheimer's Disease

    = 1,000,000 Baby Boomers
None Are Expected To Live More Than 5 Years

These Terrible Diseases Can Have Awful Complications

the real bad news

the real number is much larger than 21 million.  about 4 million people die from chf, type 2 diabetes, alzheimer's and copd every year.  they are replaced with 4 million new disease sufferers every year.
so, between 2019 - 2029, 60 million people suffer and die from advanced and end stage…

* Congestive Heart Failure
* Type 2 Diabetes
* Alzheimer's Disease

beyond suffering

the financial cost of treating so many patients is tremendous

the sickest end stage chronic disease patients spend even more.  (they are called "the super-utilizers")

yearly cost of medical care

but there's some good news!

we can:

- reduce suffering
- cut down on spending

the keys are:

- keeping patients stable
- keep patients out of the hospital
76% of that spending goes for one aspect of care - hospital bills
50% of those costs could potentially be eliminated with:

- better daily disease management
- planning in advance for humane, patient centered end-of-life care

recent studies show that 1/2 of those hospitalizations can be prevented with better disease management

medication adherence
recognizing disease-specific warning signs & calling the doctor right away
the caregiving life is a program for the people who are with our sickest patients every day
home health workers and family caregivers
celebrating them

teaching them the disease management skills that will keep patients:

* safe
* stable
* out of the hospital