we believe that home health workers and family caregivers can be instrumental in managing the health of advanced chronic disease patients

communicative with doctors
making sure that
medications are taken correctly

the caregiving life pays special attention to the role of caregivers as patients near the end of their lives

you know, there's going to come a time when your mother gets much sicker
do they want mom or dad, husband or wife, to die at home?
what treatments do they want to say "no" tO?

the caregiving life helps them prepare for the end in advance

when you can still talk to your loved one
take time to contemplate their & your beliefs

too often when people don't prepare for health crises

they answer yes to questions like these
the only right answers to questions are the answers that are right for you, your loved one and your family

the third thing the caregiving life focuses on is not about patients or disease at all

it's about caregivers' lives

home health workers and family caregivers are some of the loneliest people in the world

for all the generous, kind and profound things they do

the caregiving life celebrates all the good they do and gives them a chance to join a caregiver community