What We Do

Century Tree Health Education produces videos, apps and internet content for the devoted people who take care of patients who are homebound with chronic diseases: Family caregivers and home health workers.
A man frowns as a hand puts a metered dose inhaler on the table in front of him.

We focus on management of four advanced chronic diseases

•  Congestive Heart Failure
• Type 2 Diabetes
Alzheimer’s Disease

Patients with advanced chronic diseases…

•  Suffer from terminal diseases that will never be cured.

• Are homebound.

• Are disabled and need help with personal care, like bathing and dressing, along with clinical care, including medication administration, wound care and daily assessment for warning signs.
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Clinical Issues

•  Patients with advanced chronic illness don’t just feel sick all the time. They are also unstable. Patients with advanced type 2 diabetes & heart failure are always at risk for multiple organ failure & lower leg wounds that can be life threatening. COPD & heart failure patients must be monitored daily for pneumonia. And caregivers for Alzheimer’s disease patients must always be vigilant for falls & precipitous cognitive decline.

• We teach caregivers to meet three goals with better everyday disease management.

   • Ease patient suffering.

   • Keep family members and patients stable.

   • Prevent the acute episodes that cost between $200-300 billion dollars every for year expensive interventions & hospitalizations that could have been avoided with better medication adherence & warning sign recognition.
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Homebound Life

Many advanced chronic disease caregivers are homebound along with their patients. Even home health workers, are confined to their patients’ homes for eight hours a day. Many family caregivers, for patient safety, are home, inside the house, with ill parents or spouses 24/7/365.

These paraprofessional and family caregivers have to take care of themselves too. Life must be more than doctors’ visits, bed baths and wound cares.
With original videos and TV shows, online real person/real time social get-togethers, opportunities to explore spirituality, and fun activities, Century Tree’s TheCareGivingLife program reminds caregivers that there is more to them than taking care of others.