How TheCareGivingLife works

1. The CareGiving Life

The Basics
  • The Baby Boomers: The final chapter of an epidemic of chronic diseases.
    • A perfect storm for a chronic disease epidemic.
  • Treating the 21 million baby boomers who suffer from advanced chronic disease.
    • Easing Suffering
    • Reducing Wasted Medical Spending

2. Focus on Family CareGivers & Home Health Workers

  • Building Clinical Skills
  • Reducing Social Isolation

3. Disease-Specific Disease Management

  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Alzheimer's Disease

4. Controlling Cost

  • Advanced chronic disease patients comprise just 5% of the population, but spend 50% of our health care dollars.
  • How hospitalization runs up costs.
  • Focusing
    • Avoidable spending
    • Controlling costs

5. A Status Quo for Care that Doesn't Work

Patients who can't take care of themselves
  • Why we can't rely on patients to manage their own their diseases
    • Cognitive deficits
    • Physical limitations
    • Decades of self neglect
How medicine has convinced itself that these patients don't need help
  • The three fallacies
    • Scare tactics work
    • Patients should manage their own chronic diseases
    • Teach it once and they will learn

6. What Will Work

  • Advanced disease
    • Medication adherence
    • Warning sign recognition
    • Sensible, humane choices during the last year of life

7. A Community of CareGivers

  • Daily Content
  • Education and entertainment that speaks specifically to cultures
  • Making friends and rediscovering life for caregivers