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Mike the Nurse - episode 1

First, full transparency here on The Big Generation about Coronavirus — We don’t have a lot to add. Sorry -- If you’re interested, there seems to be information everyplace: what you can do about Coronavirus, what the government is doing, how the market is responding, what’s coming next, how your life is going to change, […]

Mike the Nurse - episode 2

Nobody EVER wants to go to the hospital.  Now, with coronavirus, going to the hospital can seem like an even more intimidating proposition.  Here are some thoughts on whether or not you should go to the hospital with swollen legs — along with some thoughts on going to the hospital during the pandemic.

Mike the Nurse - episode 3

Wear compression stockings? Ever wonder how they work? Click here as Mike is going to show us how compression stockings make leg swelling better on today's episode. We hope...

Mike the Nurse - episode 4

Learn about heart failure medications: “Water Pills” and “Pressure Pills.” Learn about diuretics and antihypertensives in and easy, entertaining way from our guy, Mike the Nurse!

Mike the Nurse - episode 5

Why water or fluid retention might lead to pneumonia.

Mike the Nurse - episode 6

Hi everyone, we revisited our post from last week and got our artist to really make it come to life… Enjoy the new and IMPROVED… Answer to Cora’s question.