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Hapless & Hopeless - All Episodes
For Those Among Us - Music Video

Here are some quotes from ‘For Those Among Us. Some are of caregivers, others are the words of patients:
“When my mother died, Brian was there for me.”
“My mom can’t talk to me now, and I can’t talk to her (because she doesn’t understand anymore). So we just spend time together.”
“I don’t know what I would have done without my sister.”
….“Brian is my best friend.”

Lean on Me - Music Video

The BIG Generation’s original music video of this great old standard tells the story of a couple who were ‘caregivers’ for one another from their twenties all the way through the old age they shared. The Big Generation’s Lean On Me is dedicated to its three leads, Robert Foster, Elaine Teitlebaum and Skip Mitchell, all of whom have passed away since this movie was made three years ago.

My Girl - Music Video

A BIG Generation interpretation of another classic song.