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Mike Bael
July 8, 2015

Century Tree Health Education offers programs to promote adherence with treatment regimens for advanced lifestyle-related chronic diseases and Alzheimer's dementia.

These diseases include:
• Diabetes Mellitus II
• Congestive Heart Failure
• Peripheral Vascular Disease

These diseases are almost always the product of decades of unhealthy behaviors including smoking, overeating and sedentary living. Over years of repeated insults to the body, the result is permanent physiological and anatomical damage. Treatment goals for these diseases, then, are not cure but management.

There are currently 48 million Americans suffering from those five diseases alone. One-third of them, or 16.6 million, will have diseases that progress to advanced stages. In advanced stages, these diseases cause disability characterized by home-bound status or the need for daily assistance with basic activities of daily living such as bathing, toileting and medication administration.

Century Tree promotes better CareGiving for people with chronic diseases. We offer programs for a variety of caregivers including family members, home health aides, and those patients who participate in self-care.

Our programs include instructional and motivational videos, activities to promote better communication and coordination between patients and their caregivers, and caregiver appreciation initiatives.

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