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Mike Bael
March 23, 2013

When chronic disease starts, life doesn’t have to end.

Century Tree offers videos, blogs, animated films, articles and stories, created specifically for the caregiver audience.

Some, like our “Don’t Suffer: Use the Puffer” video, offer direct health education. “Don’t Suffer” teaches caregivers how to help patients use their metered dose inhaler correctly.

Others offer entertainment that caregivers can relate to. “Acts of Grace” is a comic soap opera about families taking care of relatives with Alzheimer’s disease (You’d have to be there—but then, our audience of Alzheimer’s caregivers are.) We even produce our own music videos!

Our website, TheCareGivingLIfe is a combination of all that at the center of a community of CareGivers. It has some healthcare information, instruction and forums. But it also has more cute cat videos and even cuter baby videos—and forums about those too..

For millions of Americans, life changed the day a parent or a spouse got sick. But, even if they’re stuck in the house all day, and their most frequent source of conversation is the pharmacist, they still have lives.

Century Tree Articles, Blogs and Movies, are there to help CareGivers find the information they need, the friends they want, and the entertainment that does what entertainment does for all of us: make them cry and laugh.

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